Monday, November 22, 2010

So Here It Is...

We very much have been wanting to start this darn thing for quite a while now. Well we finally kicked our butts in gear and here it is...the beginnings of it anyways! So as the title suggests cooking in this household is a one-man show. Although I ("She") do enjoy my time in the kitchen with him doing whatever is necessary to help out. I guess "she" is kinda the sous chef so to speak. But lets not stray from the important part of this duo-he ("I") can make one hell of a meal from just about anything...except maybe crappy canned crabmeat but we shall save that story for another time! We started this blog just in time for the BEST THANKSGIVING EVER! We are hosting for the first time and depending on how it goes perhaps for the last time...yeah right....probably the start of an annual tradition! Anywho I suppose he will want to thoroughly explain the menu and the star of the show...the protein. Oooh yummers...cannot wait!

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