Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ultimate T-Day: T-5 hours

So we've had this ham in the fridge for the past week...
Actually, if we back it up 7 days, I don't exactly know if I could appropriately describe the range of emotions She and I exhibited over the course of a couple hours
  1. 15 lb. ham - a decent chunk of Wilbur
  2. Brine - 5% salt sol'n with some brown sugar and sodium nitrite
  3. 1 ginormous stock pot...
That's not that big of a deal, nor was deciding at the last minute that 15 lbs. was appropriate for 6-8 people.  I'm pretty sure it was the moment I pointed out that the fridge would have to be dismantled to store the turkey substitute.  Anyways, it's off into the smoker for the day - a skoch of applewood since I couldn't find any cherry.  Oh yeah, the day before prep is definitely easier than the madhouse that ensues the day of THE BEST THANKSGIVING EVER!

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